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The Beginner Gardener’s MUST HAVE
Holiday Wish List

19 MUST-HAVE items and tools every gardener needs to create an ABUNDANT veggie garden without breaking the bank
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Download this free resource & share it with your family this holiday season, so that you have the tools to create the abundant vegetable garden you’ve been dreaming about.  We reduce the time you would spend in a store or online by linking some of our favorites, which we know work!


Holiday Shopping
Made Easy

A quick and easy list of must-have holiday gifts for beginning gardeners, to foster that green thumb and trim your holiday shopping work.

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Save Time

Avoid wasting hours online doing research for the right gardening tools that put you in circles.


Save Money

Don’t waste your money on all the “extras”. Use our list of essential and affordable tools curated keeping your budget in mind!

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Gardener Testimonial

Tricia Joseph
Beginner | Working Professional

My DirtMagicians experience was life-changing! I've always wanted to learn how to grow my own vegetables and food garden but was too intimidated/overwhelmed with getting started. It was simple, easy, supportive, and fun to learn from my own garden coach! Along the way, I also learned the importance of native plants, pollinator-friendly flowers, caring for beneficial insects and bees, and how a strong community can really support the process of growing food. I can proudly call myself a food gardener, today!

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Cath Newstead
Beginner | Retiree

This community has taught me to be a lifetime fan of growing food. Bring on water and sun, followed by the bee, the bird, the butterfly, who visit the garden and pollinate for riches. The riches are deep  green, purple, yellow, orange and red foods, aside multicolored flowers to share the nourishment. Not a gardener? Ha! Oh yes you can be. Victory is not in getting it perfect, but enjoying the imperfect magic of growing. Come join us!

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Ashton Pawlik
Beginner | Student

Through DirtMagicians, I've been able to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to become an independent gardener in one growing season. Not only did I learn how to grow food, but also how I can increase insect biodiversity, importance of native and pollinator plants, understanding and identifying good or bad insects and the importance of healthy soil! I feel empowered by being part of a community of like-minded gardeners who are passionate about growing food and contributing to the environment positively

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The Beginner Gardener’s
MUST HAVE Holiday Wish List

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