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A Tribe of  Global Food Gardeners,
Growing Food Sovereignty Together.

A Letter of ❤️ from the DirtMagicians team


Hey DirtMagician!!


Thanks for stopping by our ‘About Us’ Page. It’s a great privilege to share our story, our vision and who we are with you. The idea for creating a community of ‘DirtMagicians’ (people creating magic from dirt) was born in June 2020. The pandemic had begun, creating chaos around the world in the lives of billions of people. Like many other people, I began noticing that the food I was used to seeing at grocery stores was no longer there as expected. It really woke me up to the fact that we can’t take our food supply for granted and it made me realize that it’s important that people learn how to grow their own food (even if it’s in small quantities)

Growing food is empowering and it gives you a skill that you can depend on for the rest of your life. This is where the vision for Dirt Magicians came alive! 


Our vision: is to empower 100’s of millions of people around the world to grow food and live sustainably in resilient local communities.

To make this vision a reality- we have created this course as the first pillar to educate and coach people on how to grow food. 

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Dee Guttikonda.jpeg


For Dee, growing food is pure magic, the fact that a tiny seed turns into a huge plant that gives an abundance of delicious goodness that we can eat and all that the plant needs is healthy soil, water and sun is incredible! She is passionate about creating a tribe of gardeners that can teach each other how to grow food better. When she's not dreaming of DirtMagicians, she is hiking, yogaing, meditating, scuba diving or growing food with her 5 year old daughter, Aria.

Bri Thompson (1).jpg

Chief Food Growing Officer

Brianna a.k.a Bri  fell in love with soil 6 years ago in my first University  soil science class and this combined with love for growing food has brought her to urban agriculture. In her role, Bri designs  all DirtMagician’s educational content. When she is not covered in dirt, you can find her snuggled up with a good book, meditating with plant essences or snowboarding in our beautiful coastal mountains in and around Vancouver.

Josh Headshot Pic Green_edited.jpg


Joshua is a 3 time founder/CEO who is passionate about sustainability and green solutions to our modern day problems.  Joshua is a business strategist with expertise in the areas of sales, operations, & managing people.  When he is not working, he is often found helping his wife (who is an environmental scientist) with her greenthumb projects (we have over 100 plants in our living space), exploring rainforests, or playing with his young daughter.

The Team

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Doug is a digital marketing & strategy expert, as well as a serial entrepreneur who has dedicates his career to realizing causes that he believes in. As a dedicated friend to the planet and budding home gardener who's faced the realities of how tricky growing sustainably can be, Doug is excited to help share & empower DirtMagicians on their home growth journey.

Dan Wong_edited.jpg

Social Media Manger

Dan is incredibly passionate about sustainability and mental wellbeing.  When the opportunity for DirtMagicians came up, he jumped onboard the team—to support the vision of empowering 100’s of millions of people around the world to grow food! Dan loves meeting new people and when he’s not working he is hiking, growing food, learning about raising fish and island hopping

Halimah Kazeem_edited.jpg

Social Media Associate

Halimah is a social media marketer from Nigeria. When she’s not working on social media, Halimah enjoys watching movies and loves music. She is passionate about watching community related projects succeed and joined the DirtMagicians team to make the vision of creating communities around growing food come to life!

Artichoke Leaves

Help Seed  the Community

Who Are DirtMagicians

DirtMagicians are a unique tribe of gardeners, who not only grow food for themselves and their families, but are also stewards of their ecosystems (their own growing spaces). Most gardeners don’t realize that what we do in our own gardens has a HUGE impact on the larger environment. We have been led to believe that one individual cannot make a change in the larger system. This is totally untrue - what you do in your garden matters!



Have you always wanted to grow food but are too intimidated to even know where to begin? Or have you tried to grow food and quit because it was frustrating? If you are an aspiring food grower, you can find the experienced gardeners around you and learn directly from them in their yards and growing spaces. Learning from your neighbors takes the fear, loneliness and confusion out of growing food.


Do you want to ask that neighbor how they grow such beautiful tomatoes every single year or pop over to someone with more experience than you and ask them questions? If you have been growing food for a few years and would love to take your learning to the next level or feel like you have a lot to share in terms of your experience with others- this community would serve as a place to give and take.


Have you been growing for many years and still feel like you have so much to learn when it comes to growing food? DirtMagicians understand that gardening and nature are complex. No matter how many years you have spent growing, there is always more to learn and new mistakes waiting to be made. Learning from others in community and learning from their successes and mistakes and sharing your knowledge, can make growing food a rich experience.

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Become A DirtMagician

And help plant the seed for a sustainable & wholistic future.
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