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Become one of our 100 early adopters in a unique food gardening community and enjoy free group coaching sessions - we just ask for your feedback.

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"The DirtMagicians community is life-changing! It was simple, easy, supportive and fun to learn from a garden coach! Along the way I also learnt how a strong community can really support the process of growing food.”
- Tricia Joseph

What does it mean to be an Early Adopter?


Being an early adopter to create something from scratch is fun! As an early adopter you can join our weekly free group garden coaching sessions and in exchange, share feedback on ideas and experiments that help us build a unique/one of a kind food gardening community.

Join us in “seeding the community

Early Adopter Perks

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Group Coaching

Enjoy FREE group gardening sessions, hosted by our resident gardening experts. Ask specific questions and learn everything from pest management, garden experiments, harvesting, soil management, preservation, and much more!


Garden Circles

Join weekly garden circles to video chat with other like-minded food gardeners, exchange tips, tricks, garden fails, garden wins, experiments and more. Growing friendships is just as fun as growing your own food!


Free Resources

Get access to free (downloadable) gardening resources, like how-to guides, recipes,  checklists, & garden plans. Plus, join exciting  gardening challenges and win amazing giveaways!

Community Garden Coaches

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Bri Thompson
Soil Science | Sustainability

Hi DirtMagicians! For me, growing food is pure magic! With a Masters in Soil Science I've had the privilege of working across a variety of institutions in the sustainable agriculture space, over the last 10 years, including a university, farm practicums, and as a government consultant. Now, I work as an urban farmer, growing delicious and organic vegetables in people’s backyards to help bring food security to low income families and support helpful organisms (like bees).


I love helping others experience the joy of growing food and can’t wait to be your garden coach on this magical journey!

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Dasia Liu
Organic Foods | Permaculture

I am an avid gardener and small scale organic farmer. I started with changing my family’s diet to organic foods and medicines and later became certified in permaculture (a balanced eco system approach to food and the wellbeing of all living beings, promoting diversity). Recently, I started in small scale organic agriculture to increase my skills in areas of soil nourishment, organic pest management, along with many other key areas in the process. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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Why Become A DirtMagician

Self Sufficiency


Learning to grow food empowers you to understand the fundamentals of how to nourish yourself, your family and teaches you a skill that you can’t lose. In an unpredictable world, the back to the basics skills are immensely valuable & tasty.


Gardening and being a part of a community have amazing physical and mental health benefits. Connecting with a green space and other people helps reduce anxiety, depression, isolation and helps with stress management. Plus it's great physical exercise too!


The price of everything is increasing. Why not grow a few organic vegetables in your space (containers on balconies, backyards, front-yards, terraces) and remove that line item on your grocery bills?

Taste & Nutrition


When done right, food you grow in your space, is far more delicious and nutrient dense compared to food that has been grown for travel and sold on grocery stores shelves.



Learning with and from others in a safe community of like minded food-growers, makes the experience more joyful and less intimidating.



Agriculture can be a source of so many environmental issues globally. When done right in our yards, growing food in a bio-diverse way can be part of a  solution to many environmental issues.

Who Are DirtMagicians

DirtMagicians are a tribe of passionate home gardeners from around the world! Whether you're looking to learn how to plant your first backyard vegetable garden, seeding a small balcony/apartment garden of herbs, or an experienced plant parent with a home greenhouse or community garden, this is safe, inclusive & supportive evironemnt for you and your food gardening passion to grow!



Have you always wanted to grow a home food garden but are a bit intimidated, don't know where to begin, or maybe you've tried to grow food and quit because it was frustrating? Either way, If you're new to growing food at home, you can learn from experienced gardeners around you, either in-person or online, in an inclusive community that takes the fear, loneliness and confusion out of the process.



Do you have some vegetable/food gardening experience, but still have a thirst for more growth? Maybe you're looking for help getting rid of a pesky mold issue, optimizing nutrient levels, or to connect with nearby gardening companions to share your experiences? Whatever 'growth' means to you, DirtMagians is a place for you to reap more from what you sow! 



Have you been growing food for a while and would like to share your knowledge & experience with others? Or maybe there are some more advanced concepts you would like to invest in learning?

 No matter your level of expertise, the community nature of DirtMagicians makes growing food a more fruitful & rich experience.

The DirtMagician Mindset


We truly believe that anyone can be a gardener. We've seen new gardeners blossom from the most unlikely people and places. The most delicious, healthy, and natural fruits, veggies and herbs await you! All it takes to grow your own vegetable, herb or fruit garden is soil, seeds, water, light, and a little magic. DirtMagicians was formed to bring that magic right to you in the form of education, community and shared experiences. Join our community and learn how to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, potatoes, carrots, squash and many many more. Not only that but every fruit, vegetable or herb that you grow means more food on people's plates in less wealthy countries and fewer emissions from trucks, planes and trains transporting your food thousands of miles to get to you. You will become a true garden superhero just by growing at home.

Let's be real for a moment, the world is a very uncertain place right now and everyone's mental health has been put to the test. Ever-increasing grocery bills, uncertainty in supply chains, a climate crisis and soil concerns have put more and more anxiety, stress and uncertainty around our food! Luckily though, there's a rather simple solution to help you reconnect with nature, help increase food sovereignty and relieve some pressure on our supply chains... grow food at home. All you need is a backyard, balcony, or home that gets some light.

Imagine, all of the backyards, balconies and homes that currently just have resource-intense lawns (or nothing at all). There are over 140 million housing units in North America. Of which there are 90 million single-family homes with yards. Imagine a huge portion of those with beautiful, lush gardens that are growing bountiful food for the household and community. You can eat what you grow, or put it out to the community. One garden makes a difference, but the faster the word spreads about DirtMagicians, the more we can do to help people and the planet thrive again. We can all do our part to shift our backyards away from resource-intense monocrops, back to biodiverse habitats that produce bountiful rewards. Even balconies can have 10-30 vegetable or fruit plants and we can start to see our cities shift to more nature-friendly places (that have super tasty and free food). All it takes is some understanding of how these systems all work together. This is our promise to you, we will help you understand these powerful natural systems and grow food successfully.

We are absolutely thrilled to have you here and we cannot wait to embark on this exciting journey of growth and discovery. Come just yourself or bring the whole family! The more the merrier! See you soon!


Great Gardening Experiences

Cath Newstead (3).jpg

Cath Newstead
Beginner | Retiree

This community has taught me to be a lifetime fan of growing food. Bring on water and sun, followed by the bee, the bird, the butterfly, who visit the garden and pollinate for riches. The riches are deep  green, purple, yellow, orange and red foods, aside multicolored flowers to share the nourishment. Not a gardener? Ha! Oh yes you can be. Victory is not in getting it perfect, but enjoying the imperfect magic of growing. Come join us!

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Ashton Pawlik
Beginner | Student

Through DirtMagicians, I've been able to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to become an independent gardener in one growing season. Not only did I learn how to grow food, but also how I can increase insect biodiversity, importance of native and pollinator plants, understanding and identifying good or bad insects and the importance of healthy soil! I feel empowered by being part of a community of like-minded gardeners who are passionate about growing food and contributing to the environment positively

Gardener Testimonials (1).jpg

Tricia Joseph
Beginner | Working Professional

The DirtMagicians community is life-changing! I've always wanted to learn how to grow my own vegetables and food garden, but was too intimidated/overwhelmed with getting started. The coaching gave me confidence that anyone can grow their own food. It was simple, easy, supportive and fun to learn from both a garden coach! Along the way I also learnt how a strong community can really support the process of growing food. I can proudly call myself a food gardener, today!

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