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Bamboo Plant Labels +

2 Garden Planning Sessions

When you Enroll in the ‘Becoming a DirtMagician’ Course, Today.

* Limited Time Offer

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"Becoming a DirtMagician"

Beginner Home Food Gardening Course
- Course begins March 2023 -


Becoming a DirtMagician is a step-by-step course as you grow food at home, giving you the right information at the right time. Many gardeners don’t know why things work in their gardens, making it hard to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. This course shares the science of growing food- so you know what’s going on!  You also have access to the DirtMagicians gardening expert for a bi-weekly Q&A with your garden questions and a community where you can learn tips, ideas, and knowledge.

What's Included if I Pre-Order the Program?

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Now Only
$99  (72% Off)

  • Course 
    - Gardening community access
    - Bi-weekly garden circles
    - Bi-weekly Q&A with a food gardening expert

  • 20 Bamboo Plant Labels

  • Two Free Garden Planning sessions (in a small group) with our Food Gardening Expert with 7 years of growing experience

    • ​First session - Learn how to make a garden plan for your spring, summer and winter garden.

    • Second session - Join live Q&A and get personalized feedback on your garden plan.

* Limited pre-orders/promotions available
​** If you are seeing this message, there are still promotion quantities available.

I'm In!


Take a Sneak Peak

Know what you are getting when you enroll
Enjoy a short clip from the Becoming a DirtMagician course - “Growing Indoors, Part 1: Conditions for Seed Germination”

5 STAR.png

- Dee Duca 
Waterloo, Canada

“Becoming a dirtmagician is so well designed and simple and easy to understand. I love how they really explained the science behind growing food in a step-by-step way. I was just throwing seeds in the ground for many years and if things failed I didn’t know why they failed. Learning the why was really empowering as a food gardener!”

5 STAR.png

- Keith Stoute
Vancouver, Canada

“I had grown food for a year and  many of my vegetables failed or didn’t have great yield. When I took the course, I had so many aha moments right from the first module. I was making  lots of rookie mistakes and making some simple changes-helped grow food easily. Also having access to a garden coach in the community and access to other gardeners in garden circles made it easy to learn from other gardeners.”

How is This Course Different?


Step-by-Step Food Growing Journey

This 14-module course takes you step-by-step as you grow food at home, giving you the right information at the right time in the growing season.


Garden With Community

Connect with other gardeners in bi-weekly garden circles, be held accountable and learn tips and tricks from others. Grow food with community.



Learn to grow food organically & chemical free - so you and your kids can eat organic fruit and veggies right off the plant. Also create a haven for bees a


Join Keith and Dee in the DirtMagicians community

Your Garden Coach

Garden Coaches.jpg

Bri Thompson | Soil Science

Hi DirtMagicians! For me, growing food is pure magic! I have a Masters Degree in Land and Water systems with a focus on urban soils for vegetable production.  I've had the privilege of studying and working across a variety of institutions in the sustainable agriculture space. Over the last 10 years I have worked at a university, farm practicums, sustainable biotech company, and for a government department of agriculture. These last few years  I have been working as an urban farmer, growing delicious and organic vegetables in people’s backyards to help bring food security to low-income families and support helpful organisms (like bees and butterflies). 

Now I am here at DirtMagicians to help you succeed in growing food. I love helping others experience the joy of growing their own organic food and can’t wait to be your garden coach on this magical journey!


Join Bri in the Garden


Benefits of Our Beginner,
Home Food Gardening Course

Grow A
Green Thumb


The right education helps turn a black thumb into a green one. Knowing what your vegetable plants need is the key to success. We give you the basics and the science to help you troubleshoot why things fail in your garden

Control Your Family's Food Quality

When done right, garden vegetables grown organically are tastier and healthier than store-bought with less contamination. Grow the rainbow with your kids and they are more likely to eat veggies that they have grown.

Improve Your


Connecting on a daily to a green space helps reduce anxiety, depression, isolation and helps with stress management. Microbes in the soil help develop a stronger immune system and the vitamins and minerals from your organic veggies is great for your overall health!

Connect with Community

Learning with and from others in a safe community of like-minded food-growers makes the experience of growing food more joyful and less intimidating. Knowing you are not alone and have a support group can really help you succeed at growing food!

Contribute to Sustainability


Growing some of your own food helps reduce your carbon footprint slightly and eliminate some of the plastic from food packaging. You also learn how to grow a healthy ecosystem with pollinator-friendly flowers that supports the rapidly dwindling populations of bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.



While the first year of gardening is certainly an investment from education to supplies, it pays for itself in the years to come. Food prices are rising, being able to grow some of your own organic vegetables and leafy greens will help lower your grocery bill in the long run

What You Will Learn

- Course Outline -
Beginner Home Food Gardening Program

Module 1: Welcome to the Course:

Learn about our vision for DirtMagicians, the community we hope to build and understand what you can expect in the modules to come.


Module 2: Living Earth Narrative

Learn from Lori Snyder, an indigenous, Metis herbalist about how we can learn reciprocity and other wisdom from our indigenous elders. We take food from the garden and in reciprocity tend to the bees, butterflies, earthworms, soil and pollinators. 


Module 3: Plant Hardiness Zones

Learn what a plant hardiness zone is, why it’s important to you as gardener and how to find out what yours is

Module 4: Seasons in the Garden

Learn about how daylight and temperature impact how we grow our vegetables, when to grow different types of vegetables and the differences between cold tolerant and heat loving vegetables.


Module 5: Growing Requirements: Sunlight, Water, Soil and Temperature

How your plant’s growing requirements impact how you design and plan your garden. Additionally, learn how to prep your garden for planting and how to water correctly!


Module 6: Garden Planning

All the resources you’ll need to make an effective garden plan. We make garden planning as simple as possible!


Module 7: How to Start Seeds Indoors

Let’s plant seeds indoors and learn how to meet all the requirements: soil, light, water etc.


Module 8: Seeding, Transplanting and Thinning Outside!

It’s time to get planting in your raised bed or garden bed! You will learn how to properly seed, transplant and thin!


Module 9: Creating a Victory garden for Pollinators

How to create a garden that feeds you and your family and also the bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and ladybugs


Module 10: Organically managing veggie garden pests 

Learn how to companion plant different flowers and herbs to help attract predators of garden pests. This module lays out organic methods of pest control


Module 11: Know All About Your Garden Soil

Very few gardeners know anything about soil health even though it’s the foundation of a healthy garden long term. Understand how to keep your soil healthy by  improving soil structure, nutrition and reducing heavy metals. 


Module 12: Pruning Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Learn to prune tomatoes and cucumbers to maximize the harvest! 


Module 13: Managing Diseases

Understand what conditions plant diseases like, how to prevent diseases in your vegetables and how to identify a disease

Module 14: Fall Garden Maintenance 

All gardens need protection against the harsh winter conditions and most gardeners don’t protect their gardens over the winter months. Learn how to protect your soil and your veggie garden so that you have an abundant harvest the following year.

I wanna learn! Take me to the course.


Who Should Take This Course


Mothers / Parents

Gardening is a task that can engage both you and your little ones. Connecting your children to the land eating berries, tomatoes and beans right off the bushes is so special and a one of a kind experience. The course has activities that you can do with your children in the garden and have a delicious learning experience together


Brand New Gardeners

You have thought about growing food for a long time and don’t know where to start or the process seems overwhelming. You tried growing green onions in water on your kitchen counter or had a small basil plant in your window. If this is you- then the course is perfect for you. We take you all the way to the absolute basics and SHOW you as we teach you with a student in one of their gardens. 


'Trial & Error' Gardeners

You have been growing for a few years with some success, but you’re not sure why things fail when they do. In the course, we take you back to the basics to understand the science of plants, their growing requirement and the science of soil so that you go from trial and error to knowing exactly what you are doing. Knowledge is power! 


The DirtMagician Mindset

DirtMagicians are those brave enough to put a seed in the soil and watch it grow. Growing food is a powerful life skill that gives you a sense of security. DirtMagicians want to nurture the land and gain the ability to feed themselves (in a small or a big way depending on their growing space). We are a community that wants to connect over growing food and learn how to create growing spaces that feed ourselves, our families, our bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and MAYBE if their lucky, our neighbors too!

I’m ready to be a DirtMagician!


Great Gardening Experiences

Gardener Testimonials (1).jpg

Tricia Joseph
Beginner | Working Professional

I have always wanted to learn how to grow my own vegetables and food, but was too overwhelmed with getting started. DirtMagicians gave me a simple blueprint that was easy to follow and implement in my garden. This course gave me confidence that anyone can their own food! It was simple, easy, supportive and fun to learn with others.

Review Graphic (1).png
Cath Newstead (3).jpg

Cath Newstead
Beginner | Retiree

This community has taught me to be a lifetime fan of growing food. Learning from others and with others is a joy. The riches I gained are deep green, purple, yellow, orange and red foods, aside from the beautiful multi colored flowers that feed bees and butterflies. Victory as a gardener is not in getting it perfect, but enjoying the imperfect magic of growing. Come join us!

Review Graphic (1).png
Growing Vegetables at Home.jpg

Ashton Pawlik
Beginner | Student

Through DirtMagicians I have been able to learn the necessary skills and experience to become an independent gardener in one growing season. Not only did I learn to grow food, but also how to increase insect biodiversity.

Review Graphic (1).png
Organic Garden

Enroll in the
"Becoming a DirtMagician" Course, Today!

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