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Sweet Alyssum - The Ultimate Veggie Garden Pest Cleaner

Sweet Alyssum- the SUPER COMPANION plant in your veggie garden. Help attract beneficial predatory insects that take care of a long list of pests such as aphids, spider mites, caterpillars, mealybugs, leaf miner larvae, and so many more!
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Many of our predatory beneficial insects need pollen as part of their diet. Sweet alyssum has tasty, readily available pollen and nectar that these insects love.


Beneficial, Predatory Insect Magnet

One study found that when you intercrop lettuce with sweet alyssum, for every aphid found, there were 215 predatory insects to eat that pest- 215!



Sweet alyssum is a self seeding annual. Once you grow her from seed in your garden, she self seeds in the future and shows up in abundance. Plant her once and reap benefits forever.

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Sneak Peek Video:

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Sweet Alyssum - The Ultimate Veggie Garden Pest Cleaner

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