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Great Leaves to Use as a
Veggie Garden Mulch

Leaves are a protective powerhouse when it comes to dressing up the top layer of your garden bed soil to protect against harsh winter conditions including rain, snow and wind. However, not all leaves are created equal and some will be more nutritious for your garden bed than others! In this free resource, we share a list of great leaves you can use as winter mulch in your beds and why they are so good!

Download this free resource where we help you learn some great leaves you can use as leaf mulch and why they are so good for your veggie garden bed.

Covercrops add nutrients to the soil

Insulates and protects the soil from freeze-thaw

Leaves provide an insulating layer to your garden soil to protect any perennial plant roots, all of the billions of soil organisms as well as any overwintering beneficial insects from fluctuating freeze-thaw events. 

Reduces soil compaction over the winter

Reduces soil erosion in your garden beds

Leaf mulch reduces soil’s exposure to the wind and rain and protects your precious garden soil from getting eroded due to harsh winter weather conditions.

Bigger & abundant vegetable yield the following year

Adds valuable nutrients to the soil

Finely shredded leaves decompose into the soil over the spring and add much needed minerals and nutrients that plants require-helping you build healthy soil over the winter.

Sneak Peek Video:

Great Leaves to Use as aVeggie Garden Mulch

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